Hoje, no dia do seu 200º aniversário, deixo aqui uma sugestão de leitura.


Neste livro, podem ler sobre a casa onde Charles Darwin viveu a sua vida de adulto. O laboratório natural onde trabalho na sua obra A ORIGEM DAS ESPÉCIES. No pomar fez experiências sobre polinização, no pombal criou novas raças de pombos e estudou genética, na estufa fez experiências com orquídeas e primulas.
Na propriedade Down House, em Kent, longe do reboliço de Londres. Este jardim teve grande significado no trabalho do homem cujas idéias mudaram o mundo.

Today, at the 2oo aniversary of Charles Darwin, I leave you a reading suggestion.


In this book you can read about the Down House, in Kent, where he moved his growing family, far away from the turmoil and distractions of London. He would live here for the rest of his life. It would become the place where he began work on his masterpiece On the Origin of Species. For almost twenty years he used the garden around him as his laboratory. In the orchard he conducted experiments on pollination. He built a dovecot where he could breed new strains of pigeons that helped him understand the questions of generation. On his daily walk along the sandbank he observed how plants competed for survival. In his heated greenhouse he conducted experiments on orchids and primulas. In solitude he was also able to struggle with the ideas of evolution that had haunted him since his voyage, and give him the courage to publish his revolutionary new ideas.